Welcome to Genesis

A Centre for Online and Distance Apostolic Education


~ Serve as a centre for online and distance Apostolic education


~ Educate for bi-vocational ministry, equip for service, and engage with purpose


~ The infallibility of the Word of God, the Oneness Pentecostal tradition, and academic excellence

~ The delivery of innovative, relevant, and comprehensive educational programming

~ Highly-skilled, dedicated, and professional Christian staff and faculty

~ Excellence in teaching and scholarship

~ Good stewardship of the learning centre


~ Advance the skills and knowledge of the learners to develop their full potential

~ Develop disciples and prepare leaders for ministry to fulfill the Great Commission

~ Provide professional development in evangelism and leadership

~ Support the learner’s educational experience while they continue to work and live

~ Forge strong linkages with students and alumni to foster mutually beneficial mentorship opportunities

~ Promote intellectual and social growth and development to instill critical thinking skills that prepare the learner for current and future challenges

~ Remain dedicated to the tradition of excellence
~ Provide meaningful field education experiences that will enable learners to experience pathways for a secondary profession


~ Genesis Institute of Theology, Evangelism & Leadership was founded in 1997 in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada by Dr. Trevor B. Neil. The Institute is now located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

~ Genesis is rooted in a rich Apostolic tradition that is coupled with a vision for carrying out the Great Commission.

~ Genesis Institute of Theology, Evangelism & Leadership (Institute) has been a leader in distance and online learning. Today, the Institute currently serves students in Canada and the United States of America.

~ The Institute’s online and distance approach to learning makes it possible for people to take courses and earn program credentials irrespective of location, and family, career and ministry commitments. The courses incorporate print materials, and a variety of multimedia tools, allowing students to learn in their own way and at a place of their choosing, and at their own pace.

Genesis Institute of Theology, Evangelism & Leadership