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Certificate, Biblical Studies  - $500.00 + Fees

Diploma, Christian Ministry - $700.00 + Fees

Bachelor, Practical Theology - $150.00 (per credit) + Fees + Books

Practical Ministry Series, Professional Development - $150 + Fees + Books

Note: Tuition and Fees are reviewed on an annual basis


Application Fee ~ $50.00 

Late Application Fee ~ $75.00

Exam ~ $50.00 (per exam) applies to the Certificate (5) and Diploma (7) programs)

Field Education Seminar ~ $30.00 (per seminar)

Graduation Fee ~ $250.00

Online Technology Fees ~ $50.00 (per semester)

Transcript Fee ~ $20.00

Note: Fees are Non-Refundable


Students can withdraw from a program at any time.


Students in the Bachelor program can drop or withdraw from their course by written request to the Institute prior to the registration deadline. Note that those who withdraw after the registration deadline, the withdrawal will be maintained on your academic record when the request is made after the registration deadline for the specific course.

Note: Students are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of their registration.


Tuition refunds for the bachelor program are only granted as outlined in the schedule below.

Prior to Registration Deadline ~ 100% Refund​

After the Registration Deadline and up to the 1st Day of Class ~ 75% Refund

Between the 2nd day of class and the 30th Calendar Day ~ 25% Refund

After the 30th Calendar Day ~ 0% Refund

Note: No tuition refund will be granted for students enrolled in a Certificate and Diploma program


Certificate, Biblical Studies: Books are provided with the tuition.

Diploma, Christian Ministry: Books for the course are provided with the tuition. Additionally, students are responsible to purchase the books needed for the Field Education.

Bachelor, Practical Theology: Students are responsible for purchasing the textbooks for each course in the program.

Practical Ministry Series, Various Professional Development Opportunities for specific areas of ministry. Students are responsible for purchasing any required or supplemental reading material for each professional development offering

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